In order to be intimate, you need to know what intimate really means.


Intimate doesn’t always mean sex. Intimacy can be close familiarity or friendship; closeness of any kind. Intimacy can be rubbing your partner’s feet, lighting candles, spreading rose petals, and/or a nice massage back massage. These little gestures mean being intimate.  If you don’t know these little things, how or what your partner likes, how can you be intimate on a sexual level and be successful? To be intimate on a sexual level, in my opinion, you need to be intimate with yourself first. That means knowing where your hot spots are. What makes your toes curl? For example, knowing how you want your nipples touched, soft or hard. Knowing how you want your partner to touch your clit or your penis.

Now, keep in mind, anyone can touch you, but there are certain ways of being touched that can take you over the edge. Find out what that is on your own, and teach your partner. Men also have an edge to their climax that they would like to reach. Knowing how you like it done will make your intimacy much stronger and the best intimate relationship you will ever have.

Let's talk about some more physical intimacy issues. Some of the issues may include low self-esteem, trust issues, and/or inability to share feelings or express emotions.

How do you overcome these issues? Are there other things that won’t allow you to let go?

In my opinion, I would communicate with your partner more. Be open when you speak. Let your partner know what you boundaries are and let them know what makes you feel safe. If all fails, seek professional help. A sexologist can give you more advice on overcoming your intimacy issues.

Here are a few products to get the mood started.

Okay everyone, that’s it for today. But join me next Saturday, On the Couch, where I will be talking about Orgasms. See you there!!!


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