On the Couch

On the Couch

How many people say ‘I’m not comfortable doing oral sex.’?


Could that be because you don’t like gagging? It makes you feel like you have to throw up? Could it be, you don’t feel in control when you do it? Ex. Someone is holding/pushing down your head while you are trying to perform, making it impossible to pull away when you need to? Could it be that they cum in your mouth and that doesn’t make you feel sexual? Well, there are ways around all of this.

Let’s take the ‘gag’ feeling and turn that into a ‘go deeper’ feeling…just don’t choke! Lol, We here are sensuousplayroom.org, have numerous great products such as GODHEAD ORAL ANESTHETIC SPRAY and COMFORTABLY NUMB DEEP THROAT SPRAY. These are numbing agents that will numb the back of your throat so that you don’t have to worry about your gag reflex. Another way of making yourself comfortable is to change when you’re giving the blow job. Don’t let your partner hold your head (unless YOU like it lol). Have your partner lie down and take charge of his penis. Let him know, you feel more relaxed when you have more control. When you are in control, you will be able to give him the blow job he craves.

Another issue, Cumming in the mouth, can be a turn off for you and not so sexy. The feel of it, the taste of it, and the thought of swallowing it can be reasons it is turning you off. I have thought of ways to minimize that and maximize the pleasure aspect. One, you can have a napkin close by to spit in. Second, you could get products that help cum taste better. The name of this product is called MAX YUMMY CUMMY.  This product is made for men and women that safely alter the flavor of male and female ejaculation. It adds a semi-sweet, fruity taste. Effective results within a few doses. I have given you recommendations for things that could help. Good Luck and have deep fun!! Lol

Here are my suggestions



Until we meet on the couch again….

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