The #1 complaint I get is “I can’t get an orgasm with my partner during penetration.”


Ladies, you are not alone. In my research, I have found that 71% of women achieve orgasms in other ways. If you go back to my previous blog on intimacy, a woman needs just the right stimulation on her clit area to reach her full orgasm. Sometimes, it is a mental thing with us women. We are in the mood and ready, but our minds drift off to ‘What are the kids doing?’, household chores and bills, and how we are going to get other things done. Our minds don’t just shut down so we need to train our minds to concentrate. When we’re behind that bedroom door, we need to shut our minds down and realize this is ME time right now.

Another option, I suggest, is that when your partner is penetrating you, slip a vibrator or bullet of your choice between you. This will give your clit the stimulation you need. You won’t regret it, Ladies. Lol

What is an orgasm?

Now, this might sound a little funny or weird, but some women ask, “What is an orgasm?” I think this is a great question. In my research, an orgasm is when you feel the intensity of your sexual activity. It is basically climaxing and both men and women experience orgasms. To really engage in this conversation, some signs of an orgasm is when your heart is beating fast, your breathing becomes heavier and fast, and you have the pleasurable release of tension in your genital muscles. Your body begins to tingle, your toes curl up, and you explode.

So, the next time you are looking for that experience, think about what I said about using and introducing toys into your sex life during sex. I have included a couple of toys that are small enough, but also powerful enough, to get you where you want to be.

Okay, everyone, that’s enough for today. See you on the couch next week with the main causes/problems in women that prevent them from getting an orgasm.


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