OK. I'm interested.

​How do I get my first party booked?
Your friends and family can help you get your new business off the ground by booking a party with you! Ask them to bring along a few guests you don’t know and book parties with those new faces. Many consultants also host their own parties on a regular basis to earn the hostess rewards. Invite all your friends and family over to check out your new business.

How long is a party?
A Sensuousplayroom Intimate Party usually lasts about 1 hour to 2 hours. It might be a little shorter or longer, depending on how many guests, and how many questions come up — and how much fun you are having!

Can I have men at my party?
Absolutely, Sensuousplayroom is one of the few companies that offers co-ed and couples parties. It’s your party, invite all your friends. We also love theme parties, like bachelorette, shades of grey, little black dress, wine and cheese, and more.

Do I have to go into homes?
No. You can do online parties, catalog parties, virtual parties or you can just promote website sales only. Virtual parties are a new concept and an excellent way for you to earn money and free products without ever having to leave your home. You’ll have a quality website to send your customers to. However, your greatest earnings thrive within the home party plan.

Tell me about the shopping process.
All shopping is 100% confidential. It takes place in a private room, separate from the party. Your Intimate Sensuousplayroom Consultant can answer all the questions you have about the products, and help you choose what fits your personality.

Show Me The Money....

What does it cost to host a party?
Absolutely nothing! You can book a party with any Intimate Sensuousplayroom Consultant for free! It’s a night of fun, education and quality time with your friends at no cost to you. You invite your friends, we’ll bring the party!

​Will I get free stuff ?
​Yes. Yes. Yes! As the host, you will be awarded with a hostess thank you gift, hostess exclusive gifts, 1/2 price items, and a shopping spree equal to at least 10% of the total retail value of your party. (Your party must qualify for some of the above rewards. Ask your hostess about party qualification and additional rewards and incentives).

​How much can I earn doing parties?
Well now, that’s entirely up to you! Your next party could be your next payday, so you choose the income level that suits your goals. And holding parties isn’t the only way to earn! You can also take advantage of website commissions as well as bonuses from building a team. Simply put, there’s no limit to the amount you can earn.

​What’s the cost to get started? You can start your own Sensuousplayroom business for as little as $259.99. You’ll have 6 kits to choose from. Start small or go large, it’s your choice. All kits include everything needed to start, launch, and grow your own business. Of course, the larger the kit you choose, the larger your sales profit will be due to having more products for your hostess and guests to preview, test, and sample before placing their order. Sensuousplayroom kits.

Earn As You Learn

Do I need sales experience?
Not at all! Everybody has to start somewhere. We are dedicated to making sure you are confident in everything you show and say. From product descriptions and documents, to videos, to webinars with industry experts – our training is second to none, and it is a requirement.

How many parties do I have to do?
This is your business and you are in charge of your time. The number of parties you do is completely up to you. You work Sensuousplayroom around your life, not your life around Sensuousplayroom. Sensuousplayroom has one easy requirement – do 2 parties within your first 90 days. After that, it's your time, your parties and your business.



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