The 9's First Glass Teddy Love Glass Butt Plug Pink

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We can bearly believe how popular this is! A lovely, tapered entry, a narrow neck and the cutest little teddy, right on top! Our mini crystal massager in vibrant-pink borosilicate glass, is ideally sized for discreet vaginal or anal pleasure and even wearable given it's wide flange. Hypoallergenic, body-safe, and beautifully hand-crafted, it's truly a work of art- and unbearably cute. And because it is borosilicate glass, it's hypoallergenic, ultra-hygienic, and as easy to clean with warm water and soap. Shouldn't every bed have a teddy by the pillow? Features: -Brilliant, Hygienic glass -Easy to clean, Non-porous surface -Tapered tip for easy entry -Wide flange for safe insertion Specifications: Color: Pink & Clear Material: Borosilicate glass Attributes: Tapered comfort entry, Cute teddy on top Product Size: 1" W x 6.5" H x 2" D Weight: 4.5 oz.