Hey it’s that time again! Wine time!


Lets discuss Brands of product!

Pipedream has a lot of products for women as well as men. We will discuss a few products. Let’s start with something that not a lot of men are properly educated on. We will start with penis pumps.  We will start with Pump Worx and benefits a penis pump provides.  Pump Worx is a silicone power pump that may help to increase erection size and sexual confidence. Pump Worx also comes in various sizes and has no harmful side effects. It has a clear vacuum tube that allows you to watch your progress. It has super flexible tubing and easy squeeze pump. It also has a quick-release valve for instant relief. (Results may vary).

The pump prolongs ejaculation. Men usually come to the store and ask about different brands of pumps also which ones we carry. The most frequent question is, “Does it work? Will my penis stay this big and for how long? Is this permanent? How long does the pumping session last? Can pumping help resolve impotence problems?

So many questions…..that will be answered at our next wine time with Sensuous!! Lol I’m leaving you guys with a crazy cliffhanger huh? Well, make sure you come back and your questions will be answered. Talk to you soon….



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