About Us

Our Story:

 Welcome to Sensuous Playroom Intimate Novelties LLC, where you can let your fantasies run wild! For over 35 years, we've been revolutionizing the way we express our sexual freedom - starting with home parties for women, and then evolving to couple’s parties to educate partners on ways to keep the spark alive. Get ready to get steamy!

     The Founder and CEO of S.P.I.N; LLC, launched the first physical store in 2015, blazing a trail as one of the initial retailers to meet the needs of female customers and couples. Growing from humble roots comprising solely of home parties and pop-up shops, this pioneering minority business flourished in Georgia—so much so that, come 2016, it was able to expand to a larger storefront. Currently on the brink of broadening to another state, Coming soon.

 S.P.I.N; LLC is delighted to take its place as a pioneer of pleasure products for every individual. Today, Sensuous is a highly regarded Certified Sexologist (ABS), (ACS), (A.S) Love Coach and Master Sexpert. Our team at S.P.I.N; LLC is committed to providing quality education and the best products to meet intimate needs and enhance lifestyles. We welcome all individuals, from the bashful to the experienced, into a judgement-free zone of healthy sexual expression.

     At SensuousPlayroom, we're devoted to facilitating the passionate connections between you and your partner. Our largest selection of sensual products and services - from vibrators to costumes, lubricants to handcuffs - arouses and enlivens each of your fantasies. With us, your pleasure is our priority; when your content, were content! 




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