About Us


Welcome to Sensuousplayroom Intimate Novelties LLC, if you can fantasize it! We can supply it. Since 1984, our establishment began in the Bronx, NY, S.P.I.N; LLC has been on the revolutionary side of history in providing safe, sexy, and educational ways to express our sexual freedom. Through having Home parties for women, this is how we started and then we progressed to having couples parties so the husbands, boyfriends or significant others were getting education on what products they could incorporate into their daily lives to keep the romance going and exciting.

Meet Founder and CEO, Mrs. Sensuous. Mrs. Sensuous opened the first physical storefront S.P.I.N; LLC in 2015 as one of the first stores to cater to female customers and couples. From humble beginnings of only selling through home parties and pop-up shops the first minority store flourished in Georgia.

In 2016, we expanded to a larger storefront. We are now on the brink of expanding to another state.

S.P.I.N; LLC is proud to be one of the leaders in pleasure products for everybody.

Today, Sensuous is a Certified Love Coach as well as a Certified Sexpert in all areas of Sexual education provided by Ava Cadell at the Loveology University. Here at S.P.I.N; LLC we take pride in properly educating our customers and ensuring they have the best products to enhance their intimate needs of their lifestyles. We are here to educate everyone from the shyest to the most advanced individuals. So our environment encourages a healthy sexual expression and a non judgmental zone.

We Take Your Pleasure Seriously

Sensuousplayroom brings out the sexy in you, helping you ignite intimacy with your lover. Sensual products and services for every sensual fantasy. Sensual toys, parties, vibrators, intimate apparel, costumes, lubricants, handcuffs and more! If you are happy, we are happy!

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