In my opinion and experience, there are a lot of reasons why women cannot reach the orgasm they want. It could be that they are not stimulated enough.


Women also worry about their performance in bed, whether they are single, someone new, or their partner they’ve had for years. We tend to be too hard on ourselves when we shouldn’t be. We also have depression and mood swings that could be the cause of our problems. This also includes our physical health. Also, there may have been a sexual experience that may have gone wrong in your life or just relationship problems in general, therefore causing you to be uncomfortable. There are many things that you could be going through, but it all boils down to ‘What can I do?’

Another problem that could affect reaching an orgasm is low or loss of sex drive (libido in men and women). Women want sex as bad as men, but if the “drive” is low or not there, and orgasm in almost impossible. There are just sooooo many reasons. I know I covered this a little earlier in my blog, but let’s get to most of the problems and see what products that will help a man and women get their sex drive back.

Earlier we mentioned problems such as relationship problems, depression, medical, trauma, or restless. Your hormones can sometimes be unbalanced. It could be an underactive or overactive thyroid gland. This can cause your libido to fall off. Another disease that causes your libido to fall off is both type 1&2 Diabetes. You need to be aware that consuming alcohol and drug use can throw off your sex drive. Menopause can also cause loss of sex drive. When you hear, “I’m not in the mood”, don’t get angry, just think about all the information I’m bringing you. These problems can occur in men and women whether they are 18 or 58, it can happen to any of us. See you next week on the couch.

Products that can help women reach orgasm is

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