What is Penis Pumping we all want to know!

 Q: What is penis pumping?

A: Penis pumping is the process of placing the penis in the cylinder part of the pump and start pumping.  When you pump it, it will apply pressure to the penis, causing it to become erect. The cylinder will pump air in and out therefore sealing the penis inside. The penis then pulls toward the top and sides of the cylinder because of the vacuum pressure inside. This causes the blood to circulate, producing an erection. The erection results in an enlargement in the girth of the penis. It also stretches the ligaments and increases the erection length.

Q: How much will my penis grow with penis pumping?

A: When you use a penis pump, it typically increases the girth (width) by one to three inches. Penis pumping is almost like going to the gym. You have to work out those muscles. You continue to work out those muscles to maintain your body; the same thing applies to pumping. Most men can experience more and longer-lasting growth in girth than length due to the structure of the penis.

Q: Are penis pump results permanent?

A: YES! Penis pumping will produce relatively permanent growth. Initially, penis pumping will produce immediate, but temporary growth. Repeat pumping increases the amount of growth and lengthens the period of time the growth lasts. Growth can be maintained with a regular pumping routine just like muscle tone can be maintained by working out regularly. However, just as muscle tone diminishes when you stop working out, and “permanent” gains in penis length and girth will gradually diminish if you stop pumping.

Q: How long do my pumping sessions need to be?

A: The longer the pumping sessions, the more dramatic the results. I recommend, after doing my research, that pumping sessions should last 30 minutes to an hour and repeat daily. Make sure you apply the vacuum pressure for no more than 15 minutes at a time. If it gets too tight, pumps do have an instant release valve and you should adjust it. Keep in mind, you need to remove the pump every 10-15 minutes.

Q: Why does my penis seem to be getting smaller as I age?

A: In my opinion and research, everyone ages and their elasticity goes with age. Thus, the size of a man’s erection will also diminish with age. Penis pumps actually help maintain penis flexibility by stretching the penis tissues.

Q: What type of man uses penis pumping?

A:  There is no “type” of man. Men of all different ages, regardless of nationality or race, use male pumps. It is not just for older men. Include a healthy lifestyle of exercise and a balanced diet.

Q: What is the average size of a man’s erect penis?

A: The average size of an erect penis is from 5 inches to 6 inches. (Remember we’re talking “inches” and not “centimeters”.)

Q: If I’ve had penis enlargement surgery, is it okay to use a penis pump?

A: You should consult a doctor before pumping. He or she is the one who will tell you if it’s okay after a medical procedure. Definitely seek professional help for the answer to this question.

Q: Can I use a penis pump if I have a penile implant?

A: This is another question that you should definitely consult with a doctor before for pursuing.

Q: I have a blood clotting disorder. Can I use a penis pump?

A: NO! In my opinion, I would not. But again, ask your doctor this question before pumping.

Q: Can penis pumping help resolve impotence problems?

A:  Yes! Penis pumping is approved by the U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) as a leading treatment for impotence.

Q: So what happens if I break the pump?

A: If this happens that means you need to purchase one that is going to fit your penis size or one that is better quality. If this is your first-time purchase a beginner's pump, that way you learn how to utilize the pump. Then go and purchase one that is better quality and will last.

Here are some suggestions on starter pumps to advance user pumps.

Well, I hope I answered most of your questions. Join me here next week, “On the Couch”, for more blog posts with educational Q & A to your questions. Until next time……

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