choosing your first toy

Do you want to try different intimate toys but are not certain where to begin? This reference describes how to pick the ideal intimate toy for you, or your partner or both. What’s more, it informs you about different devices that you can search for at Sensuousplayroom.

Whether you're a beginner, advanced or an expert at attempting an intimate toy, there are numerous products that will fit your needs.

 I’m a WOMAN looking for...

Try a...

External Clitoral Stimulation 
• Clitoral Vibrator, Bullet Vibrator or Egg Stimulator
Internal Vaginal or G-Spot Stimulation
• Dildo Vibrator G-Spot Vibrator
Clitoral and Vaginal Stimulation 
• Rabbit Vibrator or Dual Action Vibrator
Lifelike Look and Feel
• Dildo
Something Discreet
• Clitoral Vibrator, Bullet Vibrator or Egg Stimulator


I’m a MAN looking for...

Try a...

Lifelike Look and Feel
• Male Masturbator or Fleshlight
Discreet and non-anatomical
• Male Masturbator
Prostate Stimulation
• Prostate Massager or Prostate Stimulator


We’re a COUPLE looking for...

Try a...

A Sex Toy to Improve Sex 
• Vibrating Cock Ring or Cock Ring 
A Sex Toy to use together on HIM
• Male Masturbator or Prostate Massager
A Sex Toy to use together on HER
• Dildo, Vibrator or Couples Toys
Something Kinky
• Restraints. Sex Furniture, Crops and Floggers, or Masks   

When you’re purchasing your first intimate toy your finances will most likely be one of the greatest elements in your decision.
Beginning with less costly intimate toys is a decent approach to try, yet simply getting the least expensive thing in the deal without considering on the off chance that it’s a good fit for you may prompt disillusionment. Keep in mind to take a gander at client surveys and in addition cost. Or contact thru email, SensuousPlayroom’s expert team for advice on what will suite your needs.

  • How it Measures Up: 

    Find out just how big that toy is. More important than the overall length is the insertable length, as is the circumference (which is measured at the widest girth of the toy). Will this be a comfortable fit for you?
  • How it Feels: 

    A toy can look rigid in the product picture, when it’s actually a flexible friend. Check the nitty gritty of the material specifications here, and also check whether you can take the toy into the bathroom for underwater play - submersible toys are also easier to keep clean.
  • Power and Speed: 

    Check exactly what types of intimate toys are in the store, as well as what type of power the toy has and what batteries you need for your intimate toy.

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