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SensuousPlayroom Intimate Novelties, LLC

Lelo Diesel Sona Cruise-Red

Lelo Diesel Sona Cruise-Red

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Would you rather have the latest it-bag or mindblowing orgasms at the touch of your fingertips? SONA™ Cruise in signature, vibrant red stimulates the entire scope of clitoris with a powerful, deep thrusting hum, giving you an orgasm so potent you’ll feel like the world has gone from black and white to a full spectrum of bright hues. The Cruise Control of the device lets you emit extra power when pressed hard against the body, unleashing an intense, satisfying release

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Please apply a liberal amount of LELO Moisturizer to your body and SONA™ Cruise before and during use.
Begin by placing the mouth of the device on the clitoris or next to the clitoris if the direct contact is too intense for you. Stimulate your clitoris as long as it doesn’t feel sensitive. Your body will tell you what feels right. Feel free to take a break if the intensity becomes too great - there is no right way to reach an orgasm; there is only your way.
If you prefer to take your SONA™ Cruise to the bath or shower, please be mindful of the fact that water negates the body’s natural lubrication, rendering your clitoris more sensitive and its skin dry. You’re also missing out on the benefits of using SONA™ Cruise with LELO Moisturizer which is our recommended usage method.


Measurements 9 inches in length, fully extended. Insertable length is 4 to 5 inches. Thrust length is 1 inch. 1.45 inches in diameter.

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